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Our Portfolio

We work with all types of client from around the UK and beyond. From corporate clients to small one-person startups, we deal with all our customers in the same professional manner.

All our work is subject to unlimited redesigns, and no website goes live until the customer is 100% happy. Take a look at some of our recent projects.

British Engineering

Manufacturing Company Website

We have worked with The Challenger Group for some time, with their digital marketing and keeping their old website updated.  However, since Google’s responsive update, their old site needed a refresh, and needed to perform better on mobile and tablet devices, where they have experienced quite poor performance in the past.  The new site was focused on getting the customer to the right information in as few clicks as possible, and presenting information about the companies’ services in a concise and attractive way.

The website was designed from the ground up, and we were able to work with the old site’s images in order to produce an attractive layout.  We think the bolt steel colour scheme, along with red, reflects the company’s brand well, and the industry.  It was a pleasure to work with Challenger on the site, and we are excited to see how it performs compared to the old one.

South Lakes Holidays

Calm & Quiet

Our clients at Underhill required a site which would showcase their beautiful property, as well as the calm relaxing local surroundings.  We were able to use a number of high quality images of the property, as well as the local area, in order to showcase it properly to potential visitors.

In addition to the website we also created the branding, logo and business cards in order to allow the cottage to tie in with the overall design of the new website.

We made sure the site had clear calls to action, and as the owners did not want a booking system we also made sure that methods of contact were simple and clear.  We also provided tracking information so that it is possible to track who is visiting the site, and how they initially found it.

Dental Site

Selling Dental Products

A long term client with us, we had been monitoring the traffic to their website, and advised our client that a lot of the mobile traffic was not making a purchase.  They asked us to work on a mobile friendly site, which we did, and the results have been astounding.  The sales have more than doubled, and the conversion rate of mobile traffic has risen to match desktops.

The site was designed to give users the same look and feel as they would expect from a dental practice.  It’s not over complex, it’s easy to see information about the products, and it is easy to checkout.

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