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Should Your Small Business Use Cloud Computing?


Cloud computing is the future for all of your small business needs, and the short answer to whether or not you should use it for your small business is yes, you should. There are so many benefits to cloud computing, especially for small business in particular.

Cloud computing is subscribing to IT services that are provided by a third party. You don’t need to purchase costly software or hardware, just pay a monthly or yearly subscription. You access your software, servers and storage whenever you need to over the Internet. Everything you need for your business is stored and maintained by your cloud provider. There are many benefits for small business to using cloud computing, and here is a look at some of them.


Cloud computing will greatly reduce your costs for things like software and maintenance. For example, you can use Google Docs for free to create and share various file types, rather than spend hundreds on Microsoft Office. You don’t have to invest a lot in your infrastructure. You will also save on IT support, because you will not need in-house technicians to fix problems with servers and networks and hardware. All of that is out in the cloud – something you don’t even have to worry about. There are tons of different options for cloud computing subscriptions, and there is definitely an affordable one out there for your business’s unique needs.


With cloud computing, you will be paying for use of top-performing equipment. The applications you use will run better and faster than your own in-house versions. You will be paying for a service that will be of a certain degree of quality that will undoubtedly give you high performance.


There is a great deal of flexibility with cloud computing that will benefit your business. As your business grows or shrinks, you can scale up or down your cloud computing subscriptions accordingly. You only have to pay for what you are using now. You can add subscriptions as you need them, or end them if you no longer do without being stuck with any equipment. It also offers a great deal of flexibility in your work environment, because the work you do can be accessed anywhere. Employees can work on documents from home or on the go.


Cloud computing promotes collaboration between employees and outside partners. With cloud computing, you can easily share your documents and files with anyone else. They, in turn, can view and/or edit the files at anytime. It makes it very easy and much faster to collaboratively manage projects in real time.

Back Up

At the very least, cloud computing will back up all your files. In the event of an electronic disaster, you know that your files are safe and secure up in the cloud. This will also reduce the amount of data storage you need to purchase and keep in house.

While many people have concerns over security and availability of their data in the cloud, these concerns are often unwarranted. The many advantages and ease of using cloud computing can quickly overcome any shortfalls that may exist. If you’re thinking of using cloud computing for your business, you can start slowly to see if it really is something that will work well for you. In no time you might find your business cloud computing like a pro.


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