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How To Make A Website For Free For Kids


Making a website for your kids can be an excellent, fun way to introduce them to using the internet. It is also a great way to stay in touch with family members, allowing them to keep in touch with the children as they grow. If you have family who live a long way away from your kids such as grandparents the internet is an excellent way to bring them together so they will not miss out on those important years.

Making a website is not as daunting as is sounds and can be done for free. We will share some tips on how to make a website for free for kids which will get you well on the way to creating your site very quickly.

How To Make A Website For Free For KidsProfessional web design can be very expensive and is geared towards large companies who need a slick, well designed site to impress clients and customers. This is not necessary with a family site so you can make a huge saving by developing your site yourself. If you have no experience of web editing then you can use a program which will do a lot of the work for you. Microsoft expression web is great for this purpose because it is very similar to other Microsoft products which users will be familiar with such as word and is included as part of Microsoft Office so you may already have it installed on your PC.

Using this program, with a bit of practice you can make a very professional looking website. You set the site up on an easily usable interface and the program generates the HTML code in the background which you can then upload to a web host. If this sounds too complex, or you do not have the program there are many free website templates to download on the internet.

If this is not for you then the best way to create a family website is by creating a free Blog. Many free web hosts are available and they are excellent for this purpose, Blogger and WordPress both provide an easy way for you to run a website about anything you wish without any cost, HTML experience and with a lot of convenience. They are both well respected companies, Blogger is run by Google so is very safe and secure.

You will be able to easily provide updates about your kids, upload pictures and link to videos which you can upload to YouTube. Once the Blog is set up and built by using a free template or the included free site builder, a new update is a simple as logging in, writing your text in a box, choosing a picture from your computer and clicking the publish button. A new update will take five minute to do and requires only basic, everyday computer skills.

You will be able to name and fully customize your blog and will receive a unique web address which you can share with family members, they will then be able view your blog and leave comments on your posts. This will cost you absolutely nothing and your kids will enjoy helping you to build the site.

We do help this post helps you with ‘how to build a website for free for kids‘, but if not do feel free to contact us and request a quote for any size of project.

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