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Hire An SEO Agency To Boost Your Webpage Rank And Increase Client Base!

After setting up a fantastic website, you feel pretty good and wait for the increase in the web incoming traffic. You patiently wait knowing your website’s online presence alone could do the trick, but sadly that is just the first step. This is where an SEO agency comes into picture. SEO services are those that use several techniques to attract more traffic to your website and make your URL more visible. By increasing your URL click through rate, your webpage rank increases and everyone knows that the higher the page rank on search engines, the better the chances for getting more clients.

What will an SEO agency do to your website?

Hire An SEO Agency To Boost Your Webpage Rank And Increase Client Base!To reach the first two pages of any top search engine results page, you must increase your incoming traffic. For that your site has to be more “out there”. An SEO agency will bring the customers right to your doorsteps by using SEO tactics. The professionals in the agency use keywords related to the products you sell on your website and these keywords are carefully chosen. These are the keywords used by potential clients on the search engines when they are looking for products companies like yours sell. Hence, the most crucial part is selecting the keywords. They also keep the site’s articles updated and informative. You should ensure that your website gives as much correct information to the reader as possible.

A good keyword can reap you long term benefits. It increases your webpage rank and thus makes your website more familiar to people. Plus, if the customer finds you online organically, he trusts your website to be good.

What should you ask the SEO agency before you decide to hire them?

The main and most important thing that will help you decide whether the SEO agency you are interviewing is the one is if they have a certain plan or method to start the whole process. The process by which they will get the desired results with respect to your company is what would tell more about them than anything else. The other questions to ask are-

  1. What are the stages of their whole process?
  2. In what way will they modify their process when it comes to your website and its products?
  3. Will they be using any automated submissions software? (if yes, then you should move on to the next agency.)
  4. Ask them for previous clients’ testimonials.

You should also ask them how long it will take to bring your website to the number one rank on search engine results page. If they assure you that they can do so within a few days, then you should move on to some other seo agency as no one can guarantee anything about ranking on top search engines.

Website Designers: How To Find The Best Ones For You

Website Designers are much sought after today and given the importance of websites, it’s not difficult to understand why. You could be an individual entrepreneur, a small business owner or a professional offering different kinds of services, you can benefit tremendously from having a functional and effective website that reaches out to your potential customers. Having a smart website also gives out the ride vibe about your company and makes the right impression with your users and clients. That’s why the importance of hiring qualified and experienced designers to create your website cannot be underestimated.

Website Designers: How To Find The Best Ones For YouIf your company doesn’t have a website you are already losing out on millions of users and potential customers. And if your existing website doesn’t get the desired attention then probably some changes are needed to make it more effective. Your website should be a strong communication dialogue with your users and that’s what expert Website Designers help you achieve.

But given that there are many professionals offering their services when it comes to website design, your job of hiring the best professionals for your business needs becomes trickier. If you are looking to hire Website Designers, you will benefit from some of these tips on hiring them.

Things to remember when hiring Website Designers:

  • For starters, you need to do your research about these professionals so that you get a fair idea of who you are working with. It’s not uncommon to ask for customer testimonials from these designers and it says a lot about their credibility if they have an impeccable track record to boast of.
  • You are likely to come across professionals who will quote astronomical amounts without even trying to understand what you are looking for. Working with these designers can be a pointless exercise and a waste of your time and money. You can hire experienced and qualified professionals at reasonable costs and they will take pains to understand what your goals and targets are.
  • You might not understand a lot about website design but you do know your business well. Reliable designers will ask for a brief about your company so that they can translate your company’s philosophy on to your website. Quite simply, if you have a vision for your company and your website, these professionals will do their best to turn it into reality.
  • When you are hiring these professionals it’s a good idea to work with those in your area as they will be more easily available for exchange of ideas during your project. If you are not happy with the end result for some reason, it also becomes easier to hold them accountable.

You can hire Website Designers smartly and do the best thing for your business.

SEO Agency: Big Boost To Small Companies

SEO Agency can work wonders for small businesses that struggle to keep up with the big sharks in the business with their huge spending power. Times have been hard for small companies as they have had to make spending cuts due to the present economic situation. It only means marketing budgets have plummeted, which leaves small business owners in a catch 22 situation. If you want to grow your business and reach out to more users, your products have to be in the spotlight and that’s exactly where a SEO Agency comes in.

SEO Agency: How can it help you?

SEO Agency: Big Boost To Small CompaniesTimes have changed now and it’s all about search engine optimization. There’s a large pool of untapped users in the online world and you can take your products to them through your website. What search engine optimization does is it makes your website rank high up in search pages thus bringing it more visibility. And more visibility means greater chance of boosting your sales. With the help of SEO companies you can take your products to users in far corners of the world and don’t have to limit yourself to the local market.

Traditional advertising means like billboards and newspaper adverts can cost you a fortune and the reach is limited. Moreover big brands are constantly bombarding users with their products through these mediums. If you want your products to stand out and make an impression with your users, you need to tap into the fast growing online market. And this is where working with a SEO company has its advantages.

SEO Agency: What it brings to the table?

For starters, you will realize that there are many SEO companies around today and many of them will offer you top ranks instantly. But you need to remember that no one can really promise you that. Reliable SEO companies will come up with a strategy after understanding your business’ specific needs and will work accordingly. Professionals working with these companies will undertake a market research and try and understand user patterns. It will help you arrive at the keywords that will bring maximum benefits to your company.

They will then employ different SEO tools to boost your website’s rank in search engine pages. One of the hallmarks of reliable SEO companies is that they will maintain transparency at every step of the way and keep you updated about the strategies being employed and results they bring at all times.

Hiring a reputed SEO Agency doesn’t cost you a fortune today and you can work with companies that charge affordable rates for their services. You can also choose SEO packages offered by these companies that suit your budgets and needs.

Working with a reputed SEO Agency can take your small business to greater heights.

SEO agency for internet marketing

Internet marketing is the only to reach out to customers across the world just by a click.  This increases the credibility of the business and attracts the attention of the potential clients.  When a person invests in a business, they would need a valuable resource to fall back on and there’s nothing better than internet marketing when it comes to creating that trust in the customers.  While it is very promising, the more the visibility online the better are the prospects.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency is one such remarkable service which can create ripples for your business to be promoted online.

Expertise of SEO agency

SEO agency for internet marketingSEO agency is not just a technique to build prospects but it has multi-fold advantage.  It is one service that can cater to everything a business needs online.  Starting a business involves a lot of tasks, like creating the product to promoting it.  These days advertising can be done in multiple channels and often is an expensive affair.  SEO agency offers easy advertising without straining the pockets.  They offer services right from creating a website to increasing the ranking for the website by pushing a lot of traffic to the website.  The traffic on the website determines the number of times the website is viewed, which in turn enables search engines to showcase the site as one of the top most choices when the client searches for the product.  Take the example of Google, you would like to search for office furniture online, it gives a list of online stores to places where office furniture is available in many pages.  Now SEO agency helps in getting the website reflected in the first page itself as they increase the traffic on the page.  Normally all search engines rely more on SEO agency pages as they are reliable and give the apt information that the user is looking for.

SEO agency benefits are numerous and the way the website gets the visibility would surprise the user.  All the user needs to do is, locate the SEO agency that can provide varied services like designing the website, creating content for the website in order to enable key word search, link it to friendly sites so that the access increases, keep you updated on the results so that prospective clients can be approached easily, provide a lot of visibility online through all related links and helps in improving the ranking for the website.

SEO agency service benefits businesses which need varied clients from across the world and online shopping sites.  As people love to visit websites before closing on a deal SEO agency serves a holistic purpose in providing free internet marketing.  Get the right attention online through SEO agency.

New Cookies Law 1st April – Our Letter To The Information Commissioner

Below is a copy of the email we have sent to the Information commissioner’s Office, requesting clarification on the use of Google Analytics code beyond the 1st April….we await their reply;

I am writing as Director of a web development and SEO company, and also on behalf of all our customers who are in the same situation.

There is a major problem doing the rounds at the moment which is gathering pace on a large-scale; I’m writing about a topic which is becoming an absolute nightmare for business owners all over the EU.  This is quite simply affecting thousands upon thousands of SMEs and there appears to be no end in sight, and no solution.

This problem needs highlighting urgently, as it is going to severely disadvantage online traders based in the UK, who are competing either overseas, or against non EU companies trading in the UK.

It relates to the new EU directive which comes into place on the 1st April.  This new law governs the use of Cookies on websites.

The law states that a website cannot and must not use cookies without the permission of the end-user.  Whilst this may sound a very simple issue, it is in fact a hugely complex one for most website owners, not to mention costly at a time they could least use it.

The biggest issue is with Google Analytics code which most UK companies use to analyse the performance of their website.

This type of code is used to track website visitors, so that owners of websites can see how the visitor came to the site initially, and to see how long they stayed and which pages they looked at on the site.  This is totally anonymous, and cannot be tracked back to the visitor….or even an individual IP address….. yet will become illegal.

This means that website owners will not be able to properly use analytical data to change their website to meet their audience needs.  And there’s more; if the UK-based company is competing with websites in the USA who do not conform to these standards, the USA website is going to be competing on British territory with a major marketing advantage by having that analytical data. And visa versa, a British website competing overseas is going to be a major disadvantage owing to these new regulations.

I cannot stress how important analytical data is for website owners; this ruling is equivalent of telling a shop owner on the high-street that they are no longer allowed to keep a record of how many people have visited the store on any given day.

This is harming businesses financially, and it is harming businesses in the future.

A perfect example of the EU harming UK trade, and a time when the government is stressing how important it is to trade overseas.

We need some guidance on how we can use Google Analytics, when we are not allowed to use Cookies without consent.  As Analytics is used at the point of entry we quite simply cannot ask the user’s permission BEFORE the cookie is used.

Please could we have some guidance from you as this is going to affect millions of British websites using Google Analytics tracking code.

David Hamer
Director, MakeUsAWebsite Limited

Does a free logo maker really work?

Web masters and designers simply love the free logo maker community in the internet. And do you know why? It is because free logos are possibly the best and the swiftest custom templates to come through at zero cost. And also because the free logo software can help one design and save a number of logos for imprinting on his/her website within a very short time .

Free logo – a blessing in today’s fast paced world

The business of designing logos have advanced and progressed in leaps and bounds during the last decade, the newest addition to the bandwagon being free logos. Emergent innovative techniques, tools and expertise of logo making have invested the procedure with speed and accuracy and this is nowhere better seen than in the ground breaking concept of logo making for free.

Does a free logo maker really work?Yes, free logo maker is a blessing in the cyber world. A logo is nothing less than a corporate identity and something that will possibly stay with your organization’s name as long as it exists. The free logo software helps you create customized logos for your business at zero cost. Free however does not mean unimpressive, as the icons that are contained in the amalgamation of designs are some of the best ones in the industry, open to modifications by the user. And that is a great idea no doubt as it precisely means a custom template at no cost.

Small businesses who have limited start-up funds and who just cannot afford a professional logo designer for launching their brand identity are the best benefactors of the concept. It is also a savior if you can’t wait to start your business in the quickest of time. The free logo software can create a logo for your business ideas within a few seconds flat.

Free logo maker and your designing skills

The free logo maker can be efficiently used even if you do not have an inkling of designing skill. You just need to choose from a multitude of icons produced by an expert team of designers, match it with a desired font and then squeeze in your preferred colors/spacing into it until it reaches the right dimensions.

Once the logo is created to perfection, you need to save it and then download the code by clicking the right buttons in your account page. It’s easy, quick and super-convenient.

You can also choose to trademark your free logo for your industry if your created design produces a unique arrangement of icon, company name, text, colors and spacing.

A free logo maker therefore really works in your favor and is an excellent option if you are looking for a corporate identity for your business within a limited budget.

Benefits of hiring website designers

Websites, in today’s internet savvy world, have become tantamount to enhanced business and increased profits. Naturally enough, every entrepreneur making a foray here wants his website to be the best designed one, with promising credentials and a good ranking in all major SERPs. Website development by professional website designers is therefore a major requirement in today’s marketing world, at least for those companies who want to stir up an uproar in the global business front.

Benefits of hiring website designersWhile two and two put together can certainly structure a website, designing it rightly for the best kind of performance is not a matter of joke. Hiring professional website designers for the purpose is possibly the smartest thing to do for the following reasons –

  • There needs to be some solid matter behind the fancy façade of a website and a professional would only understand what is going to work for your niche.
  • Big traffic does not necessarily mean big business – how much of it gets converted to customers actually matters and nobody knows the techniques of doing this better than the experts.
  • Only accredited website designers have an accurate and updated knowledge of the exact tools and applications that are needed for designing websites in the most favorable manner.


  • Admittedly, HTML is not difficult as a language to learn for website designing. But there is a great deal of difference in how it is employed for the purpose by an amateur programmer and by a professional website designer. The latter obviously can deliver the best package.
  • The interface of a website and how the navigational aspects are integrated into it actually work towards determining its impact on the audience. A simple and easy navigational system is the best bet and this can be done with expertise only by professionals and none else.
  • SEO is an evolving art and the rules and trends change every day. Major players in the field like Google, Yahoo and Bing are known for making modifications to their search engine algorithms every now and then and if your website does not conform to these, it’s possibly lost among the several millions of results that pop up following a search. If a good rank and a profitable audience is the target, only website designers can seal the deal for you.
  • WebSite designers also ensure that your business page is optimally functional, aesthetically pleasing and holds the best product/service information for customers.

Websites hold the profit making potentials of a business to significant limits. So to make the best productive use of it, get it designed by a professional who holds reasonable experience in the field. Good results will start pouring in almost immediately.

Cookies Law – Is Your Website Legal?


Cookies Law   Is Your Website Legal?

From the 1st April a new law comes into place which has a direct impact on your website. The law relates to the way information is obtained from your visitors, and specifically relates to the technology of cookies. 

 The full details from the Information Commissioners Office can be read in the official website here;

 A PDF has been produced which is available for download here;

From the 1st April your website may become illegal in its current state.  For example, if you are using Google Analytics code on your website, as this directly contravenes the new law.  There may be other technologies used on your website which also contravene the law.

The following quote is taken from the Information Commissioner’s website; 

People say this law just isn’t practical – what happens if I do nothing and wait for it all to go away? This isn’t going away. It’s the law. The UK Regulations come from a European Directive that was passed in 2009. The requirements cannot easily be changed and cannot just be ignored. Many organisations are making a lot of effort to comply. The Information Commissioner has been clear that he will take a practical and proportionate approach to enforcing these rules where organisations are making the effort to comply.

 As the new law comes into place on 1st April, it is important to ensure compliance NOW!  If your website is not compliant you have two options;

1.       Remove any offending code from your website

2.       Give your website visitors an opt in/out message with clear details of what information is stored

The maximum fine is £500,000 and should your competitors become compliant, they may choose to report your site if it is not compliant.  It is important to note that most Indemnity Insurance policies will not cover you against any actions arising because you are breaking a law.

We can perform a full audit of your site to evaluate any offending code and put an action plan in place to address any issues found.  Contact us today to request your audit.

Website Designers: How do they benefit your business?

Any website’s appearance can be enhanced efficiently only by professionals called website designers. Right from the time inception of the internet has taken place websites in millions have sprung up. Actually the fact is that each minute there is a new website being added to the internet. It is kind of mandatory for every institution like colleges and schools, hospitals, organizations, individuals, providers of services, outlets for shopping, firms to have a website.

Nowadays it is necessary to not just have a website but also keep it updated on a regular basis. The web designer’s job description includes a number of activities. To maintain the website some important aspects that are technical in nature need to be looked into. It does not matter, whether the business is small, big, new or medium as a website is an important requirement for every kind of business.

Website Designers Work In Close Coordination with Clients

Website Designers: How do they benefit your business?In the world of websites an attractive presence has to be made by a website to lure traffic. The web designer’s experience, skills, qualifications etc need to be taken into consideration while hiring the services. They work in close coordination with clients, discuss different kinds of issues for bettering the website and target the right kind of audience. Also they need to have a proper understanding on the competitors, leading in the field.

Once this is done, then the web page is designed for easy usage. Audience or visitors to the website should find it appealing and attractive. Services offered for web designing need to be user friendly, creative as well as elegant. If there is an issue with the website’s functioning the designer has to fix it accordingly. On the web pages, content is written using codes in combination like XHTML, HTML and CSS. For the improvement of presentations of web pages and website features, these designers keep working zealously.

Website Designers Improve and Maintain Websites

The job description of the web designer involves not only these activities but many more.  They include ensuring good quality web content, proper keywords and key phrases usage, link building, Meta tags usage, making appropriate use of videos, images, etc as well. The main job is to keep improving and maintaining the website to ensure it ranks the best on the search engine.

If is wise to note that this is a specialized field having the greatest demand in the present times!  There is no dearth of websites that need optimization, enhancement and improvement and hence the opportunities are many and so are the finest salaries offered. Once you gain relevant experience in the field earning a ranking is not at all a difficult in this profession. Many avenues for a great career are available to website designers these days.

Free Logo Maker: Why is it so beneficial?

A free logo maker has many pros attached to usage. Easy logo makers are freely available and it is necessary to understand how useful they could be. It is also necessary to have a look at the advantages as well. The first thing is that for availing a particular trademark, not much of money has to be spent and hence they are so affordable.

On the internet, affordable software is offered by a number of websites these days. All that you need to do is identify a website that has the maximum number of tools and accordingly select one and then have it downloaded on to the computer or the laptop. For using the free software of the logo maker personal experience is not at all required. No special talent or skills of exceptional kind are needed.

Free Logo Maker for a New Brand Creation

Free Logo Maker: Why is it so beneficial?In the creation of a new brand a lot of time has to be invested generally which needn’t be the case when templates are readily available on the internet. From the different kinds of templates available all that you need to do is select an appropriate one. Once you select the template changes in gradient, color, size and font etc the logo can accordingly be made. In the brand too, changes can be made later, and designs can be saved.

An important thing to be kept in mind is that even if these logo makers are cheap, they are not as unique like creators of professional brands. However after downloading them you can make relevant changes as desired.  Since many people use the logo makers available free on the internet, your trademark too may resemble the brand of another. In designs there is no originality. Besides this there could be issues related to copyright as well.

Free Logo Maker for New Businesses

Remember that it is only once that a logo is created and no expenses have to be incurred on it later on. Hence considering the services of a logo designer who is a professional in his field makes sense. If you do not want to invest much then the logo maker available free of cost can also work well for your business. The logo is termed as the brand ambassador for any business and hence ensuring quality is very important.

Logo makers available for free on the internet suit new businesses the best, especially because business owners do not want to invest in huge amounts in the initial stages of the business. Hence the free ones prove to be a better and an affordable choice for businesses in the startup stage. The free logo maker is great to rely on, but make sure some of your own ideas and text is also added to target the right audience for your business.

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