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Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile For SEO

Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile For SEO





With so many people using LinkedIn for their business promotion, it’s really interesting to note that there are some nice little SEO benefits to be gained for your website, via your LinkedIn profile page.

Tip 1 – Optimise Your URL

Did you know that you can choose your own LinkedIn URL? Well, you can.  Simply go to the EDIT PROFILE page, and you will see a link entitled “public profile”.  Next to this is an edit button.  As a bare minimum you should edit this URL with the name of your business.  If you are looking to gain as much SEO benefit as possible from LinkedIn then you should edit it to include your main keyword.  So if your main keyword is “handbags”, your LinkedIn URL should end with “/handbags”.

Tip 2 – Edit Your Website

Also on your profile page you will find a list of your websites (a maximum of 3).  Click on EdIt next to any one of them, and you will be taken to the “Additional Information Editor”.  Firstly, you need to have ALL THREE websites configured.  Even if you simply have all three pointing to a different URL of your website, make sure that you have something in there.  A three should be set as OTHER in the drop down.

In the second box you want to insert your keyword, and in box three the URL of the target keyword.  You can see an optimally configured profile in the image below.

Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile For SEO

These two tips will help ensure that Google considers your LinkedIn profile associated with your main keyword, and also passes authority to your main website(s).  It takes 5 minutes, and is that quality of link which might be the difference between page 2 and page 1 on Google.

If you need any advice with configuring your LinkedIn profile or other social networks for SEO, please just contact us.


Get Laser Targeted Twitter Followers

Many of our customers often ask about gaining good quality Twitter Followers.  Obviously by good quality we are talking about genuine Twitter Accounts of users who are likely to be interested in your products or services.

There are many tools out there to assist with this task, but the one we have found to be the most usable is Tweet Adder.  It doesn’t do anything which you cannot do manually, but has a very user-friendly interface allowing you to manage, and automate one or more Twitter accounts.

Get Laser Targeted Twitter FollowersOnce setup, the system simply sits on your PC, monitoring Twitter for potential customers, and automatically following them from your Twitter Account.  Should those users follow back, you can configure Tweet Adder to automatically send them a message thanking them for the follow.  Obviously this message can include a link to your product or service.

In addition you can set up Tweet Adder to automatically follow users who follow you, something many users do manually.  You can even look at who is following your competitors, and target all of those users.

One of the most advanced features includes the ability to search for tweets.  Let’s say for example your company deals with “roofing repair” in London.  Tweet Adder can monitor twitter for anyone tweeting certain phrases, for example “our roof is leaking”.  It can then follow those users and send them a direct message should they follow back.  This means that within a few minutes of someone Tweeting their message, you can be following them and promoting your services directly to them, which you know are going to be of interest to them.

Of course you do need to be careful using some of the features, as you do not want to end up with a following/followers ratio which is totally out of sync.  With this in mind there are protect features built-in to prevent your account from looking automated in any way.

Tweet Adder allows you to directly search on keywords, location, recency, language spoken, and more.  Should you wish you can even set it up to automatically generate your Tweets, although this is not a feature that we have found to be effective enough to use on a live account.


PIPA & SOPA: How Will This Impact You?

The Internet has been buzzing about PIPA and SOPA, which are two pieces of legislation currently being proposed in Congress entitled the Protect Intellectual Property Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act. Just recently, many websites banded together and spent a day going offline or posting messages regarding their opposition to these acts. Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Yahoo, LinkedIn, AOL, Mozilla, and many more important companies and websites have voiced their strong disagreement to PIPA and SOPA and made efforts to educate users about the potential dangers of the acts if they were to become law. If such major online players are worried about the effects that PIPA and SOPA could have on them, should you be worried, too? How could PIPA and SOPA impact you as an individual, average Internet user?

PIPA & SOPA: How Will This Impact You?Online Piracy
PIPA and SOPA were written in attempts to protect copyrighted material. The acts propose to shut down websites that host any copyrighted material, especially downloadable movies and music. The main goal is to stop the spread of pirated material and get the illegal content and downloads off the web. PIPA and SOPA would enable the U.S. to blacklist any websites that hosted copyrighted material. Blacklisting would effectively shut down the website in question and hide it from the American public. An entire website could be blacklisted based on a single copyright infringement found on any of its pages, even if the content was posted by a third-party. The most obvious way PIPA and SOPA could impact you is by preventing you from accessing downloads to copyrighted materials. Even though it’s illegal, many people watch movies and listen to music they didn’t pay for. These acts would make that much more difficult.

Free Speech
Furthermore, PIPA and SOPA have many strong implications regarding free speech and other important freedoms we have as Americans. As an Internet user, your access to certain websites would be blocked by the government if those websites were suspected of violating any copyrights. This can certainly be considered censorship of the Internet, and it’s something that countries like China already do. In addition, there would be the possibility of heavy fines and punishments including jail time for violating copyrights on the Internet. If you post something, even if it’s just a video of you singing your favorite song, you could be charged. And if someone else posts a video like this on your favorite website, that entire website could be shut down regardless of whether or not the webmasters knew the copyright-infringing material existed. On websites like Facebook and YouTube, it’s nearly impossible to enforce copyright compliance on all users.

The Future
If these acts are passed, they could open the floodgates for even more restrictive legislation in the future. And there is no way to tell how this could continue to impact you. It’s already troubling enough that average citizens could face heavy punishments for innocently violating copyright, and it’s very scary that the government would have the ability to instantly blacklist websites that were even suspected of breaking the law. If you’re worried about how PIPA and SOPA could impact you, the best thing you can do is continue to stay involved in the opposition and contact your Congressmen today.



The team at Terry Ford Studios strives to keep you up-to-date on technology rules and regulations. She avoids ambiguity in her writing with a grammar checker. Terry lives in The Bahamas where she implements technology for a Bahamas family resort.

Don’t Hesitate Publishing Your Articles Online To Gain Exposure

The Internet has become the venue of choice for writers who want to gain exposure and share their works with a global audience. Writers once relied on traditional print publications such as newspapers, magazines, books and journals to publish their work. However, with the traditional print media companies either cutting back production or closing altogether, the Internet has stepped in to fill the void.

The Internet: Opening a Global Door

The Internet provides writers with multiple ways of getting their works published. For instance, authors interested in feature writing can submit their works to ezines, short for “electronic magazines” that focus on a variety of topics such as medicine, business, law, technology and education. Some writers have set up their own web sites and blogs to showcase their work and provide readers with an opportunity to purchase their materials as well.

The Internet has also opened the door for writers to produce their own digital books, called “ebooks” that are much less expensive to publish than traditional print books.

Dont Hesitate Publishing Your Articles Online To Gain ExposureThere are also online companies willing to hire writers to produce content for web sites, blogs, and newsletters on a contractual basis. So, writers have the freedom to freelance with online companies while working on their personal projects at the same time. For writers looking to land a full-time job in the media industry, using the Internet to publish their works helps to make them more marketable to potential employers.

Protecting Your Work

While the Internet gives writers a global platform, it also gives rise to copyright infringement complaints. It’s now common for readers to see an article that they enjoy and post it on their own web site or blog without first getting permission from the writer. That is why it’s important for writers, particularly ones who self-publish, to copyright their works.

Writers can register their materials with the U.S. Library of Congress, which issues copyrights for online work just as it does for print publications. Once the work is registered, writers can place a copyright protection notice on their web sites, articles and other online work as a warning to readers.

Writers must also take precautions to protect their work from being used on social media sites without their knowledge. Users of popular social media networks not only use the mediums to keep in touch but to share information that they obtained from the Internet, including informative stories and articles. Many social media users post copyrighted content from the Internet on their pages without realizing that they need to have permission from the author to use the material. In these instances, it is very difficult for writers to know who’s using their work, and where it’s being used, without their permission.

Writers concerned with this problem can use plagiarism checkers, many of which are available online for free. The checkers search articles and web site pages for content duplication and report the results back to the writer. Administrators of these social networking sites have policies against copyright infringement. Writers who find violations of those policies can file a complaint with that social media site.

Although there are pitfalls to online publishing, this should not prevent writers from using the Internet to share their works with the world.

This article was contributed by CD TECHNICAL who specializes in websites for authors and online donation software.

The Biggest Online Marketing Mistakes of 2011

 If you’re on the lookout for an Internet marketing company, you probably want to avoid those that were responsible for these mistakes.

All too often companies see a successful service like WebpageFX SEO packages and think that is all they need to do in order to succeed in online marketing. Of course, without understanding the business as a whole, it’s easy to set yourself up for failure.

The online world of marketing has some big pitfalls that need to be avoided. An Internet marketing company that doesn’t see where those responsible for the following mistakes went wrong shouldn’t be in the business!

Paul Christoforo Angers the Internet

A schoolteacher tinkered with a game controller to make it easier for one of his physically disabled students to play the games that he loved. It turned out that his altered controller was also in high demand from extreme gamers and so the N-Control Avenger went into production.

It sounds like a marketer’s dream, but Paul Christoforo of Ocean Marketing, who was in charge of distribution and customer communication found a way to ruin it. The launch of the controller was plagued by delays, and when one customer emailed to ask about its status, Christoforo responded by insulting him and name-dropping big industry players, such as Kotaku, IGN , Engadget and PAX.

When the customer forwarded the emails to the people behind PAX, the news of this poor customer service hit the Internet and all these industry figures were quick to make it clear they had nothing to do with Christoforo or his company. While this story is still developing, it looks like Ocean Marketing is no longer associated with the N-Control Avenger.

The Biggest Online Marketing Mistakes of 2011 TellTale Games and the Jurassic Park Jeep

TellTale Games were behind a new Jurassic Park Game and contacted the owner of a replica Jurassic Park Jeep in order to borrow it for a Seattle convention. A few months after the convention, the owner of the Jeep posted on Reddit, stating that his Jeep had been damaged in transport and Telltale Games refused to compensate him.

Immediately, he was the recipient of much support from the Reddit community, with many readers cancelling their pre-orders for the game and calling Telltale to express their displeasure with how the car’s owner had been treated. Of course, nothing is simple on the Internet.

The CEO of Telltale soon chimed in, stating they had in fact been in contact with the owner, that he was the one who was uncooperative and that he had left out essential parts of the story. After much back and forth, accusations on both sides, and the harassment of some TellTale employees, the car’s owner and the CEO came to an agreement over compensation.

Unfortunately, neither of them came off looking very good.


This post brought to you by guest blogger Michelle who enjoys blogging about internet marketing company and marketing agency news.


WordPress Web Design

Do you have a website you want to make into a WordPress site?

Do you have a design idea but lack the knowledge to convert the design into a WordPress format?

Our WordPress Web Design service could be the answer. We can take ANY website, or any design concept, and make it a fully functional WordPress site. All our WordPress web design projects conform fully to the WordPress standards of design, and your template will be fully compatible with all available plug-ins.

WordPress Web Design is much more complex that static HTML design, as it involves building the various aspects of the design around the WordPress framework. however, the good news is we can do it for almost ANY design. The bad news is that we cannoot offer a standard price, so you will need to contact us for a quote.

The advantages of opting for WordPress Web Design are obvious; You need never employ the services of a web designer again, as you will be able to fully manage and update your own website without the help of a skilled designer.

WordPress is a platform designed for ease of use, and flexibility. With a superb network of support from developers who are constantly working on new ideas and concepts to improve WordPress on a daily basis.

Wordpress Web DesignIt is important to note that WordPress comes in two varieties. Self Hosted, and WordPress hosted. WordPress hosted is any site at Self hosted is where you own your own doamin name. We cannot provide our WordPress Web Design to site’s hosted on the good news however is that we can offer WordPress website hosting for just £50 per year, inclusive of unlimited usage and email accounts.

Prices for our WordPress Web Design service start at anything from £300 to around £800 depending on the complexity of your site, and the number of pages.  Our service includes the full design of your WordPress template, as well as it’s install.


Things you need to know about finding Cheap Web Design companies in your locality

Amidst the background of 21st century, the internet or the World Wide Web plays a vital role in the generation of income for individuals and small business houses. These incomes can be directly derived or indirectly derived. A simple example of the former is a Cheap Web Design company which delivers customized websites for the clients and earn hefty amount of income in return, as its remuneration.


Things you need to know about finding Cheap Web Design companies in your localityThe concept of indirect income generation can be a bit complex to understand. In the world of today, it is perhaps an undeniable fact that the internet plays a vital role in advertising. A well designed and classy looking website can work miracles for any small business house and it will provide the much-needed support for attracting clients for the business. The more attractive the website is the more is the chance of attracting clients for the business, thus generating income opportunities.


In this process, most of the small-scale business houses and individual businessmen who want to start a venture of their own do not want to go for website designing companies who charge a hefty sum of money. They prefer Cheap Web Design companies for designing and developing their websites so that they have to spend minimum funds to get the best possible outcome. There are ways in which a person can smartly decide which web design companies to go for.


Firstly, being a rational person, one must try to go for companies which offer the services at the lowest cost yet have the reputation of providing fabulous website designs and adequate services. For this reason, a bit of additional market research is very important. One can do that by simply asking the clients of the preferred web design company, who have already designed their websites from that particular company.


In addition to that, the internet can come of great help. One can get the rates and the services offered along with the client’s feedback report from the websites of these companies. Yet another thing that has to be kept in mind is the cost of web hosting or registering and maintenance of the domain name. Perhaps Cheap Web design can minimize some of the costs for you.


Most companies tend to cheat on this sector with their customers since they are unaware of the technical issues related to web design. In addition to that, one should also look out for skilled personnel involved with the web design companies. Proper knowledge of scripting tools like PHP .NET and AJAX etc and usage of latest tools like Magenta and Dreamweaver can add a tinge of style and class to the website. Personal skill, innovative ideas, talent and dexterity also keep a value.


It is hard but not impossible to find Cheap Web Design companies in one’s locality. Searching them online or simply visiting web designing blog sites or forums to collect the required information can be a wise decision. Being smart and getting the best quality work done at the minimum cost should be the prime aim for some one looking for cheap web designing companies.


Magento eBay Integration Now Free

You may have read some time ago about the takeover of Magento Commerce by eBay.  Whilst many of the users (of Magento) were sceptical about the new at the time, it does appear that something good has come out of it.

Magento eBay Integration Now FreeThe M2E Extension, which integrates your Magento Store with eBay will now be 100% free of charge, thanks to a partner agreement between M2E and eBay.  For store woners who already have an eBay store, and list products separately this will no doubt be great news, and present a significant saving on previous costs.

The M2E Extension allows users to easy integrate their Magento store and eBay store, allowing them to easily create listings, synchronize stock levels, import orders and manage feedback.  It integrates with 23 eBay marketplaces, including eBay motors.  By using the integrated features, users can also enhance their eBay listing presentation using pre-defined templates.

One of the major recent enhancements is that the system works with Multi-store Magento site’s, and multiple eBay accounts, making it ideal for more complex business structures. 

Contact us if your require help integrating your store.

The best way of staying ahead of the race is by hiring SEO Web design services

Most of the people who surf the net love Google. It is the most popular search engine in the world. It is known for its ability to search and retrieve information from the great depths of Internet Ocean. Google uses special programs to search the internet. Initially Google ranks the WebPages in the internet world depending on the keywords. Thus for every keyword there are different set of results.


The best way of staying ahead of the race is by hiring SEO Web design servicesMany websites strive to attain the number one position in these search results. Google has its own means of deciding the rank of a webpage. It uses a program to do the job. The program which Google uses is known as Googlebot. This is an artificially intelligent program which uses two hundred signals to rank the webpage. The program is known as a spider in other search engines.


The foremost thing which attracts the attention of Googlebot is a good SEO Web design. The writing on the wall is SEO Web design services are the one to entrust the job of optimizing the site because a good a good plan is sure to make it to the number one position.


The perfect SEO Web design for a website will involve using the perfect coding along with use of right SEO tools to go past the competition. Reputed SEO Web design services use high quality content enriched with relevant keywords to grab the attention of Googlebots. Online marketing firms which provide these services know how to structure the titles and place the keywords in strategic locations to enhance the rank of the webpage.


The Googlebot only goes for the content which is updated regularly. The best design services ensure that content in the customer’s website is updated regularly so that the Googlebot can index it in the top results.


Google indexing is carried out by all the reputed service providers. It is one of their core functions as it is one of the first steps in marketing a website. Coding of the website plays a major role in grabbing the attention of the search engine spiders like Googlebots. The reason is simple a computer program can only understand computer language.


Similarly search engine spiders can only read markup language which is HTML and XHTML. Any error in the coding will hinder the reading of the webpage by the search engine spiders. Thus the Web design has to be perfect. This perfection can only be achieved by reputed service providers.


According to a recent study Google uses approximately twenty-four billion spider programs which index WebPages at a rate of hundred per second.  A good SEO campaign is very important to stay on top of all the pages. One can find the best SEO Web design services by doing a bit of research on the net. Firms which offer these services also offer the best and the latest SEO techniques. The use of SEO Web design services is a sure way of staying ahead of the competition.


Cheap Web Design

In the beginning they lived in newspaper corners. Then they climbed billboards. Soon they were dripping from radio panels and TV screens. Today corporate ads all over the world have a new-age platform. They flaunt their establishments through websites on the Internet.  Every established institution has one and every new business venture wants one.  The reasons are plenty.  A website offers companies an online identity. But this is possible only with Cheap Web Design

It provides a greater amount of space to display and promote their goods and services. The space can be constantly modified and updated at no extra cost. It serves as a one stop marketing tool for new announcements and press statements. Finally websites act as a better window of communication and interaction with the consumers.

Cheap Web DesignSince supply follows demand, a new global industry of web designers has emerged in the past decade catering to the needs of clients. With competition increasing to reflect the best impression to their target audience, companies are looking for state of the art portals that use latest applications, graphics and search engines. However, the flashier your website, heavier the price charged by these designers. This does not mean that clients with lighter pockets cannot afford a decent web presence. But with the skills being more accessible now, Cheap Web Design is a possibility now.

The good news is that the web designing industry has also created a breed of designers who can deliver great results at an affordable price tag. Web Design USA in the US, Total Creation in Europe, Platypus Websites in Australia and VenQcorp in Asia are a few that offer cheap web design services. In India Megrisoft, Modulesoft and EliteInfoWorld are some of the good choices.

While cheap prices are supremely tempting, it’s essential to keep a few things in mind before choosing your web designer. Always compare the services provided by the various designers and then negotiate the best deal. Make sure that the services being promised are result oriented. Look for designers who are ready to give you a free quote so that you get an idea of how much you will end up spending. Asking designers for a few work samples is always a good idea because affordability does not mean a compromise in quality. You can also go through customer feedback on the designer’s website to get a picture of their credibility. Trust Cheap Web Design only if you have evidence of their good work. Finally you must interact with their customer service desk to check out just how professional they are.

With more and more youngsters becoming computer savvy, another cheap option is to design your website yourself. While free software like Joomla, Drupal and Word Press are available online, you can also download tools like Web Studio, Dreamweaver, Frontpage and NVU. This option works well for smaller businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Whatever path you choose, the current global trend shows that websites that are regularly updated and provide a personalised and interactive experience, attract most customers. And nothing can beat the golden rule that a simpler and easily accessible web interface is always a winner. A Cheap Web Design service would be able to offer this to you. The flak Facebook is facing for its new Timeline should be warning enough!

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