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Why You Need a Search Engine Optimisation Consultant

Many a time we are forced to employ the use of the many search engines that are available to look for information regarding people, products or places on the internet. This information may be for use on either a public or a private platform. Search Engine Optimisation is a form of Search Engine Marketing that entails improving the ‘visibility’ of a website in search engines via algorithmic search results. Search Engine Optimization ensures that a website appears higher on the page of a search result and this ensures that the page will have more visitors and ultimately more business. This optimization covers all types of searches including image, video and academic searches.

A Search Engine Optimisation Consultant is a person tasked with provision of professional and marketing advice to businesses on various strategies that will boost the websites’ visibility and ranking in search engine results. These consultants offer ways and methodologies on how a client’s web site can be adjusted to conform to search engine guidelines as based on keyword relevance. SEO consultants assist their clients with a range of services such as helping them find key words or ‘niches’ that are used in search engines and that fit your particular business. These consultants also assist their clients by optimising their websites in accordance with the search engines as regards particular key words. An efficient SEO Consultant also amends and adds relevant tags such as meta, alt and title. Another reason why a company or individual might want the services of a SEO consultant is because he also ensures that the website has optimal usability and structures that are important for good search engine result rankings. A consultant also manages Pay Per Click services for websites and this results in increased business.

It is important though to note that there are very many Search Engine Optimisation Consultants out there and it is important to carry out an in-depth research on the ones you have available before subscribing to the services of a particular one. Many SEO consultants get paid for services that are most times subpar and that don’t translate to increased traffic and business via the website. What are the qualities you have to consider when looking out for an efficient and credible SEO consultant? Firstly, what is the financial implication? How much are you willing to pay for the services? Secondly, it is important to consider the track record of the consultant. Ask for a list of previous clients for which the consultant has worked for and their thoughts on him.

A firm while looking for a Search Engine Optimisation Consultant should also consider the length that the particular project is estimated to take and the guarantees that the consultant is willing to offer. This will help in weeding out the fake consultants. Another important consideration is the qualities that the consultant brings to the table and the methodology he wishes to employ in carrying out the Search Engine Optimisation. Follow these guidelines and you are ensured of getting the right consultant.

Website Design Services And Online Free Services Equal Big Business

If you have not integrated your online business with the free online services; then know that you are losing out big time because your competitors have already done that and therefore that is where all the customers are headed. However, even if you haven’t, the good news is that with the online free services, its never too late and therefore you can get to business right away, and still manage to get a big chunk of the profits.

If you run an online business or are planning to start running one soon, then you have to know where the clients are and that is on the social networking sites. The good news is that it is almost like a demographic setting waiting for you where you target your selling information at a certain section or group of people. But before you go to that, make sure that you have the best website design services at your disposal so that you can have the most attractive and easy to download website possible.

When people see the videos of your products and services in use, they will definitely want to know some more about them. The last thing that you want is a website that will let you down. However, with the best website design services backing you, you should find this the easiest part of the business.

If you want to work on a pay per click basis, the social networks are just the way to go for you. Some of the networking sites are actually very powerful advertising engines and therefore you want to be ready to cash in on the boom any time. The good news is that you will find advertising services with the sites are very cheap. Once you launch your campaign, you will be able to reach as many people as possible within the shortest time possible. But wait, you still haven’t heard it all because the best news yet is that you get specific demographic targets waiting for you. For example, many older people, say above 35 years of age, will network and socialize with people of their age. Therefore, if you are targeting the elderly people, you know that you can get them without a miss.

Many social networking sites will allow users to create groups and forums. As a marketer, you should join as many forums as you wish, but which relate to business. As you become a recognized member of the forums and groups, you can then introduce your products and services to the group members. You can be sure that if they find them good, they will tell other “friends” about them and thus you will realize more business. That is why it is imperative that you have an easy to download website, one which people can access as fast as they see your video on the free online services. Of course, to achieve this, you have to find the best website design services.

The combination of the best website design services and the free online services is just the killer combination that many marketers are looking for. Cash in on the boom today.


SEO Cumbria

Are you searching for “SEO Cumbria”?  Are you looking for a local provider who can help you with your website’s search engine optimisation?  MakeUsAWebsite can help.

We are based in Grange Over Sands, Cumbria and for Cumbria SEO Customers we can visit you on-site to discuss your exact requirements.  If you choose to become a customer, we will meet with you on a regular basis to discuss the on-going work, and provide you with regular advice on how new customers can be attracted to your website.

Cumbria has a large array of tourism related businesses, and as such we can gear your SEO campaign to target visitors to Cumbria who may be searching for attractions, accommodation or services.  There are several SEO providers in Cumbria, but none offering this level of service;

  • Free initial consultation at your home or work
  • Regular face to face meetings
  • Full monthly reporting of activity

As with all our SEO services, we provide you with a full on-going report every month, detailing the work which has been undertaken.  We also provide full detailed statistics about who has visited your website, where they came from and how long they stayed.

Search Engine Optimisation can take your business to the next level, by improving the number of people visiting your website.  By finding good keywords for your business we can ensure that the people finding your website are people actually looking to purchase your products or services in Cumbria.

If you speak with any other SEO provider in Cumbria, ensure that you ask them 3 simple questions;

1.       What keywords will you rank our website for

2.       How many searches per month do those keywords have in the UK

3.       What time scales are involved

We will never make unrealistic promises, or set targets which you cannot reach within budget.

If you would like to arrange for a non-committal chat at your convenience, please get in touch and we will be delighted to arrange a visit with you.  Initial consultations usually take around 60 minutes, and you are under no pressure whatsoever to proceed further.

We have a number of SEO customers in Cumbria who can provide references should you wish.  Call us Freephone on 0808 189 0914 or visit our Contact Us page.


Writing SEO Friendly Articles

As discussed previously, it is crucial to have fresh unique articles posted to your website blog on a regular basis.  These articles must contain your targeted keywords in order to be effective, but there are a few other things you can do to ensure your article has the maximum impact.

Name it right!
The name of the article is one of the most important factors, if not the most important.Writing SEO Friendly ArticlesThere are two crucial factors affected by the name of the article.  Firstly the name will appear in a larger type face than the rest of the article.  Having your keyword appear in a larger type face is something which Google uses to identify the importance of a certain phrase on the page. It is crucial that your keyword appears in a large font somewhere on the page, and the obvious way to achieve this is by having your keyword contained somewhere within your article title.

Want someone to write articles for you? Visit our article writing page!

If you are using wordpress, you will also notice that under the article title is the “permalink”.  This is the URL at which the article will be created. So in the above example, it will be created at;
Your URL should always contain your keywords (if at all possible).  WordPress automatically creates the URL (permalink) based on the title you gave the article.  You can also change the permalink manually by clicking the EDIT button to the right.

Make sure your permalink/URL contains your keyword.

The all-important first paragraph!
You almost have to consider Google like a person looking at your website.  When it starts reading the page, you need to make sure that it knows as soon as possible what the page is about.  So, make sure you keywords appear at least a couple of times in your first paragraph.
Don’t go over the top, as that would have the opposite effect, and that goes for every aspect of SEO.

Imagine you sat someone down with a piece of paper containing ONLY the first paragraph of your article.  If you asked them, “what is the article about”, would they say your keyword(s)? If so, your spot on.

The ending paragraph
There is a lot of debate about what is the most important, the first, or the last.  Either way you look at it, you need to ensure that your keywords are contained within the closing paragraph.  Again, don’t go over the top.  Just treat the last paragraph as a summary, which is a great way of logically including your keywords.  Rule of thumb for your article structure;
•    Tell em what you’r gonna tell em (paragraph 1)
•    Tell em (middle)
•    Tell em again (last paragraph)

All articles should look pleasing to the eye.   People reading articles are often looking for quick information, and throwing a full page of text is often very off-putting.  Images also give you a great way of ticking another two SEO boxes.  Image names and ALT tags.
Google likes to see images which are relevant to your content, and your keywords. So before uploading any images to your server (or wordpress), make sure your give the image a name which contains your keyword.

Writing SEO Friendly Articles

If you are using wordpress, when you insert the image you also have the option of setting the “alternative text”. In web design speak this is the “alt text”.  Make sure you set an appropriate alt text based on your keyword.

“Follow the above two rules, as images represent a superb way of gaining and SEO advantage.”

Linking from your article to relevant pages of your site is something you must do to gain maximum benefit from your articles.  Doing this in wordpress simply involves selecting some text within your article, and clicking the LINK button.  You want to create a link to the most relevant page of your site, for example your homepage.
Keep in mind with links a rule known as ‘first link priority’.  I won’t go into too much detail here as it is a topic in itself, but it is worth knowing that when Google craws a website, the first hyperlink it sees to a particular page will be the only one it considers for SEO value.  So if you link from your logo at the top of the page, to your homepage, any seo friendly links lower down the page will be irrelevant.

Final notes
Don’t over use your keywords and spoil your article. If it doesn’t read well to a person, you can be sure that Google won’t like it either.  Keep all your articles to at least 500 words, and make sure that you don’t litter it with spelling errors.  Finally, make 100% certain that your blog (where you post your articles) is hosted on your own web-site, otherwise you may not gain any benefit whatsoever.

About Web Design & Cheap Web Design

Websites are known to be a type of advertisement. People with businesses, big or small tend to have this because they want their products and or services to be known. Again, websites are a form of advertising. In order to advertise, one must know what their mission is, their products, their target market, etc. To get things together you should first search for a team of web designers that will and can cater to your website needs. For business starters, it is suggested that you get a cheap web design that has all the basics of a website. This will be best for it will not cost you too much – something that will fit your advertising budget. Being a starter, you would not want to waste much on something. Trial and error would be best.

Going back, those who would want to avail of a cheap web design would need to do research. This research does not require much. You can do this online since web services are obviously found online. You can use any search engine. Just type cheap web design and a number of results will be shown.

These cheap web designs are not only for those who are running on a budget. Other businesses should try these out. They may be cheaper, but are not necessarily of less quality. Some sites that are more expensive than may have too much of what you really need. They might be misleading your website visitors. Another is that when you purchase a cheap web design, then your business flourished, you can have the same web service provider enhance or upgrade your website for an extra cause. Something that a business would want to have – a practical way of spending.

When going over some sites, it does not necessarily bring you to the exact site of the web designer. Some may show their suggested service providers while some just mislead you. These sites stand as promoter sites. Something that your business can use after having bought and made a website.

Before agreeing to the terms and conditions of the web designer, make sure you have understood everything. This may include revisions, updates, and a lot more. Also, check and find out if the cheap web design that you availed is either made from scratch, or those that are ready for use or upload. Some ready made web designs may be cheaper than those made from scratch. While others are even more expensive because they are clients’ favorite. In addition, be very careful in deciding how your desired website would look. Consult a professional or someone who is experienced in websites or go through known websites yourself to see how majority are made.

Now that you know some things about availing a cheap web design, do your part! Do not depend only on the web designer. Keep an open mind. Know what is necessary. Check, compare and compromise in order to create the best website for you and your business.

Cheap Web Design Part 2

In the digital age, companies (big and small) compete by creating their own websites in the Internet. This guarantees continuous work since everyday there are always people searching the net and there is a great chance that your website is one of the things being searched. So there is the notion that to be able to get ahead of the competition one must spend loads of money. On the contrary, you can create an efficient website without spending too much. There are a lot of companies in the Internet that offer these kinds of services. It’s advisable for small companies (with limited capital) that are just starting out to choose small companies as well that offer cheap web designs. Choose small companies that are prioritizing web designs because a lot of established companies just use this as their side business.

The goal is to advertise your company in a professional way. The good thing about online companies that offer cheap web designs is that they use your idea and then guide you through the whole process of web designing. Everything will be based on your idea and how you want to advertise your company. However, the templates that can be used will be limited as compared to big-budgeted online companies or web posts. But these are sufficient enough for your business needs.

The Internet is one of the easiest and most successful ways of advertising your company. It will create a niche for your company and it can reach a wider market that was not impossible in the traditional (print) way. That’s why it’s not advisable to spend most of your money on it. These cheap web designs are of good quality so you don’t have to worry.

Nowadays there are a lot of companies that offer cheap web designs all over the Internet. To help you choose the best one for your advertising needs, one must consider a few factors. First you must check their portfolios or other websites related to them. Check the aesthetics and decide if these will make your website more attractive to customers. These will also determine the company’s web designing skills; if they’re competitive enough in the web designing industry. Next, they should be proficient in major scripting languages like CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. Lastly, the company should be good at putting your website on the map. It should not be hard to find when keywords related to your business are typed in the search engine. It’s called SEO or Search Engine Optimization services. This is how viewers will stumble upon your website. Hopefully your website will be one of the first ones that will come up on the list.

These small web designing companies will help you save more time and money in advertising your business. Since web designing is a common thing now, you can expect good quality and results from them. This is enough to make a strong enough web presence and be able to compete with other websites.

The Importance of a Search Engine Optimisation Consultant

It does not matter for how long you have been involved in your current business or how profitable you think your business is, Search Engine Optimisation can always help you achieve more than you thought it is possible. This is because Search Engine Optimisation services are vital to Search Engine Marketing success and are available at very little cost. SEO is a long-term solution to ones internet marketing campaign and offers handsome rewards on investments if used the right way.

Have you always wondered why even after catering to all laid down business practices and at the same time you offer unique services and products, your sales never really hit the roof? Neither do basic searches reveal you as one of the top ranked? If you are not happy with your ranking with the search engines then you need the services of a Search Engine Optimisation Consultant. The major objective of this consultant is to ensure that your website or webpage ranks top in search results where key words were used. The importance of a keyword cannot be fully stressed because with this current economy most of the people shop for goods and services online, thus without effective representation in the search results one looses onwards of 75% of the market share to competitors. A search engine consultant is credited with raising the profile of the business web site with the search engine results.

So what exactly does a Search Engine Optimisation Consultant do in order to raise the profile of a website? These are a few of the highlights of on-site optimization; increasing the key word density as found in the website- this though shouldn’t be too much and should remain relevant, adding and correcting relevant tags including meta and alt, use of internal linking methods, sitemaps and additional SEO friendly pages.

A Search Engine Optimisation Consultant focuses on driving and directing internet traffic to a client’s website via search engines.

Efforts are made by the consultant to ensure that when a person enters a relevant tag or keyword in a search engine, the clients ranking is improved when the search results are shown. Consultants are always adapting to changes in the markets and the invention and increase in the number of search engines and as such, they amend their methods to best suit the search engine and the client’s needs. Consultants are also known to carry out periodical research where they test and analyse different methods that are used in raising the profile of a company during search engine inquiries.

The main thing to note is that if after you have employed a search engine consultant and the traffic to your website has not increased, then you have been shortchanged by one of the many incompetent consultants out there. Most times, it turns out that what the SEO consultant did was to target and use key phrases that are rarely used and this results in one achieving top ranking in website searches but hardly any traffic.

eBay Buy Magento

There really isn’t a lot to say about this…. the bottom line, eBay have purchased Magento Commerce.

eBay Buys Magento

This comes totally out of the blue, and at this stage it is impossible to say what the plans are.  At this early stage the only statements have come from the founders of Magento, not from eBay.

The obvious worry is going to be “fees”. Many sellers go with an open source solution such as Magento to get away from the fees eBay charge.  The only reason eBay makes a purchase like this is to make money, so it is a worrying sign.  however, they will also know and understand the Magento customer base, and dare not risk alienating them.

From a devlopment point of view the obvious questions;

  • Will Magento and updates remain free?
  • Who will be developing the commercial side
  • How are eBay planning to make money from this
  • Will they restrict Magento to PayPal sales

You can read the full press release here.


Web design services That Integrate A Business Website With The Social Media

Today, technology has just gone a notch higher and what is even   better is that it has brought us more means to take our businesses out there to the people. If you run a web based business or you just have a local business but you would like to enlarge your clientele base, then you need to think where you can get the best website design services so that you can take your business a notch higher.

Ask any webmaster and they will tell you that getting the website design services is just the easy part.

There is more to this business than meets the eye where you have to make sure that as many people as possible see your website so that they can know how to get your products and services. However, with a professional design firm, this should be easy and you should be able to do it. The secret nowadays is to integrate your online business with the ever-popular social media. This way you can be assured that as many people as possible see your business.

The importance of the social media is that it helps you take your business to the people instead of waiting for then to come to you. If you do so, you might wait forever. As the competition in the market rises, most business owners are now taking their products and services to the people instead of letting the people find them. This is why it is important to go for the website design services so that they can also advise you appropriately on what to do to make sure that your business gets to as many people possible through the social networking tools and media. Even the website designers have now upped their game a bit where they are offering to help you integrate your business with the social media so that you can reach as many people as possible. Luckily, his is an easy feat that is nonetheless very profitable and therefore you should be able to use it.

Contrary to what many people wrongly assume, you can be able to control the social media even when you use the networking sites to increase your business. For example, depending on the kind of products that you sell, you will decide the section of the market that you want to target and then take your business to them. However, to do this appropriately, you too must also be an ardent user of the social networking media and you must have as many contacts as possible out there.

With some of the networking sites allowing you 5000 friends  who will in turn connect you with their 5000 friends each, you can really see that you can just about sell to the whole world. Although it is not possible to reach as many people, the truth is that you will be able to reach many more people with the social networking sites than otherwise. But first, look for the best website design services in the market and make a good website your priority.

Google Plus One Rolls Out

Over the next few weeks, you are going to start seeing a brand new feature appearing on Google.  It’s simply called “Google +1″, pronounced “Google Plus One”  You will all already be aware of the Facebook LIKE button, well “Google +1″ is the search engine giant’s own version. Whilst the system initial roll out was in march, only now are Google releasing the code to allow webmasters to add the button to their own websites.

Google have provided a neat snippet of code which you can insert onto any HTML page, which will create the button. The code is essentially in two parts;