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We are a cheap web designer

Yes. We are web designers. If you need a great web design for your business, it is we who you can count on. And if you are looking for a cheap web designer, again, it’s we who you can count on. We not only excel at what we do, but we do it at prices that you can afford to pay, whether you are a big multinational business or a local venture. We at ‘make us a website’ believe that a cheap website design does not necessarily mean a bad web site design. As there is a tendency to believe that a cheap web designer is most probably not a very great one, we believe in breaking the market codes!

Over the years, we have established so many advantages over competitors, that we very truly (and also rightly, if we may say so!) believe that no other website design company can match our standards. Here is a quick chance for those of you who haven’t gotten a chance to get familiar with our competitive advantages to make a smart, informed decision for your business progress

We are a cheap web designer company

We are a cheap web designer

Yes, we have already said it. But we are so glad and proud about the fact that we are unrivaled in the website design space online, we like to say it again and again! No other web design company can afford to offer the quality and the range of services that we do, at our prices.  We have no visible competitors in the cheap web designer space and we strive to maintain that position.

We believe in providing quick service

Once we receive an order, we are promise to deliver it within 14 working days. We understand that time is precious, if you want to develop your business online. We strive to provide the best of services, in the best possible time. So, if you are looking for a cheap web designer that can deliver on time, you know whom to contact. (Hint: you definitely don’t need a hint on this!)

We value add for you

Yes, we are not just your regular, cheap web designer. We do much more than website designing. We offer value added services to make your business grow on the digital space in the fastest possible manner. Along with website designing, we offer logo designing, search engine optimization, and even graphic designing services to our customers. Thus, more than just a cheap web designer, we are an amazing one stop shop for all your digital needs.

We show you are work too!

We believe that seeing is indeed, believing. If you want to look at how we have been such a success as a cheap web designer, have a look at our previous work. Some of our client’s websites links are pasted on our own website, for you to get a better idea about what we can do for your business.

Now that it has been established that we are the best as far as a cheap web designer goes, all you have to do is call us and start a successful online journey for your business!

Professional web design services need your input as well

We all know that having an online presence is of utmost priority to all businesses, be it an online business company or an offline one. Statistics show that 90% of web users do a web search about the product they are going to buy and then buy it from the physical stores. The online websites must have good information related to what the sell on them to gain popularity with the web users i.e. potential clients. The content is what will keep the customers hooked to the website and also refer it to other people. The larger web traffic towards the website the higher rank it will get from the search engines. Apart from content though, the web design is also important. Professional web design services are hired by maximum companies to get the best online presence possible.

Professional web design services are on a roll in this age. An increasing number of businesses are hiring these services to stand out in the competition. We make the page more user friendly by using well known techniques.

Here are a few things companies should be getting from their professional web design services once they hire them:

Professional web design services need your input as well

  1. We treat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services as very important. Our web designers’ knowledge of SEO is quite vast. They are able to deliver a wide range of SEO services as per demand. We have the necessary to achieve your goals. All we need is your help in knowing the direction you want us to go to.
  2. We don’t promise you success within a day or two. Web designing services delivering results takes time, which we will not lie about. But we can assure you that our tactics will lead to higher incoming traffic than without these services.
  3. We help you with getting a domain name and a place to set up the website. The domain name will be for free.
  4. We also offer you the chance to set up an ecommerce website. This way you will be able to handle the sales of products full by yourself.
  5. We also offer extra services like logo design services, invoicing system, and social media plug-ins etc. This will get you an edge over the competitors.

The extra services:

  1. We also offer you the chance to set up an ecommerce website. This way you will be able to handle the sales of products full by yourself.
  2. We also offer extra services like logo design services, invoicing system, and social media plug-ins etc. This will get you an edge over the competitors.

About the cost:

All of these services and more are available at reasonable prices. We believe in helping out people set up their business and do well but not at stark high prices. And this doesn’t mean you are getting very basic services. As you can see, your website is in good hands.

Whether you sell your products online or whether you simply need an online presence to stay at par with the world, we are here to satisfy your website needs.


Online logo maker for the best logos ever

Online logo maker for the best logos ever

Logos are the identity of a business. Just like one is known by his/her personality, a business is most often identified by its brand name and its logo. The importance of a great logo cannot be ignored. Every large or small business starts off with a logo design in order to build its brand identity and leverage eon it in the future. As there are many online logo maker options available, choosing the right one can become a difficult task. One of the best online logo maker, ‘make us a website’ is in the business for a long time now, having reached the top position in the web designing space over the years.

Before hiring the services of any online logo maker, identifying their key selling points is essential. Here are the best-selling points of ‘make us a website’:

A unique approach to the concept of online logo maker

Online logo maker for the best logos ever

‘Make us a website’ offers a unique approach to logo making online, with a working belief that a logo is not 100% complete, till the client is not 100% satisfied. So, no matter how many retakes and retouches the logo may take, perfection is the keyword in all their logo making projects. The philosophy at ‘make us a website’ affirms that the logo designed by them is not only reflective of the brand of the business for which the logo is made, but also of the company that has designed it. Thus, of the many online logo maker options, they seem to be the most dedicated towards work.

A good online logo maker needs to promise quick, timely delivery

For any business, timely deliveries are important as there are very short deadlines to meet. With a turnaround time of 7 days, this online logo maker is a great bet for any business looking for a quick logo design.

Innovative designs are key to a good online logo maker

Plain, boring, repetitive logo designs do not work. Innovative designs and freshness of the approach can come only through a complete understanding of the client and his business. At ‘make us a website’, understanding the client business in totality is one of the most important steps of the logo making process. Only through a complete understanding of the client business, can a great and innovative logo design be developed.

Getting the logos in different file formats

A good online logo maker realizes that the client may want the logo in a variety of file formats as they need to print them on different mediums. So be it for print advertising, digital communication or even merchandising, every relevant file format is to be provided by the online logo maker.

There may be many online logo maker services available, but choosing the best is the wisest decision for a business and its long-term progress.

Company logo making services

A good logo can help you attain uniqueness in this highly competitive market. Logo designs therefore should be powerful yet simple and should leave an instantaneous and unforgettable impact on the onlooker. Our packages for custom logo design will allow you to choose between a wide range of unique and innovative logo ideas. Stationary packages too accompany the logo design you have opted for. The stationary packages can amazingly heighten the impact of your logo design.

Company logo making services

So if you are a small website designer or a businessman who wants to have a stylized icon replicating his brand, use our company logo maker to design a cool logo. We provide high quality professional grade logo making services that will allow you to have an attention grabbing logo at cheap enough rates. Our company logo maker is much famed among clients for the reliable, speedy and flawless service that it provides.

We do our level best to design for you a logo that will stand out among the rest and will become a major recognition component in your company’s or brand’s marketing promotions. Our team of designers knows well how to use the different fonts to communicate the different emotions to your target audience.

What attributes would our company logo maker impart your logo?

Our company logo maker would give your logo all the attributes of a good logo. Here is a list of the attributes your logo would have:

  • Your logo will be highly scalable; i.e. you will be able to re-size the logo easily without distorting its recognizable pattern.
  • Your logo will be timeless. The logo design would be forever trendy and would have an all-time relevance
  • Your logo will look good both in color as well as in black and white. In other words the logo we will make for you will be highly flexible in terms of color schemes.
  • Your logo design will be genuinely original. It won’t merge with that of the others
  • Our company logo maker will never overwork the design. It will give you a neat and concise logo.

Benefits of using our company logo maker:

The benefits of using our company logo maker may be listed below:

  • We render speedy service be it for logo designing or for the designing of letterheads or business cards
  • Our company logo maker is easy to use. It offers you thousands of options for logo symbols and fonts
  • The logo we make for you are very suitable for web designing, printing or desktop publishing

Some features of our company logo maker:

  • It has the appropriate resizing and rotating tools
  • It has multiple fonts logo-ready in nature
  • It has a light weight, neat interface

So if you want to make your mark with a professional logo, use our company logo maker.

Beautiful web design: Things you should know

Web designing demands much creativity on the designers’ part. Simply knowledge of web designing is not enough for creating an attractive web design. The web designers need to have creativity and fantastic imaginative power to beautify the web design they have created. If they have good amount of creativity, they will be able to produce a beautiful web design in no time and also their design would aptly reflect their sense of beautification and creativity. In this article, we will primarily focus on the things that web designers need to consider prior to creating a beautiful web design. But before that you must know what a beautiful web design is all about.

Features of beautiful web design:

Beautiful web design: Things you should know

A beautiful web design is something that elicits a ‘wow’ from the visitors. In other words, it is visually appealing and quite attention grabbing. Here are some of the features of a beautiful web design:

> A beautiful web design must be colorful enough no matter whether it is a one-colored page or a mix of colors. Dull colors like grey, ash etc are usually avoided when it comes to designing a website. Proper choice of colors can impart a glamorous look to the website and excite the visitors

> Some beautiful web designs bear highly attractive 3D imaging effects and cute icons. The 3D effect gives the website a life-like quality

> A beautiful web design has a lucid and legible typography. The typography however depends much on the nature of the background and the color schemes employed

> A beautiful web design often bears a sober yet stylish background

> Many web designers use floral motifs, abstract shapes and various other creative motifs to beautify their web design.

What qualities should the designer of a beautiful website have?

In order to create a beautiful website, web designers need to possess the following traits:

>  They must be well acquainted with the usage of all latest designing tools

>  They should be able to comprehend the requirements of the website and design accordingly

>  Above all, they should have optimum creative skills to produce a catchy, beautiful and elegant web design.

Some important tips for beautiful web designing:

Here are some tips that web designers should follow while creating a beautiful web design:

>  Web designers should not overuse gradients if they want to produce a beautiful web design. The gradients should be subtle enough and the gradient color should degrade easily.

>  While making drop shadows, the designers should keep those smooth, subtle and consistent. The lightening source used should be consistent enough

>  Proper alignments should be given to the elements in the design. Correct alignments will impart a neat and organized look to the page

So now know what constitutes a beautiful web design and what tips should be followed to create one.

Affordable web designers – how can our service benefit you?

In the ever evolving world of web designing and services, getting hold of affordable web designers is a distinct possibility. And, when the term affordable comes into the picture, people tend to think about the quality of the service. Services of affordable web designers are inadvertently judged as being of poor quality. What people don’t try and comprehend is that the balance between a good price and high quality service can be achieved in today’s context pertaining to the growth in the number of companies providing this service.

Affordable web designers provide the benefit of cost

Affordable web designers   how can our service benefit you?

As the name suggests, affordable web designers provide good services for a price that is by far the most competitive. This works out if you are new in the business and don’t know who to choose or if you have been in the business for a long time but don’t want to make a huge investment in this regard. At we yearn to extend this benefit to all sections of the business class.

Affordable web designers provide the benefit of experimentation

One of the many reasons why our services are so successful is that we encourage our customers to try out different web designer service packages. The affordable web designers tag helps us motivate customers to experiment with their needs and find the best match possible. While the experimentation will take some time, the affordability factor makes things less complicated for the decision makers.

Affordable web designers provide the benefit of upgrade

If you happen to like any of our service packages, you are free to request for an upgrade and we will be happy to give it to you. Web designing services need a lot of tweaking here and there especially when the client is particular about his needs. The upgrade option of our affordable web design services helps new users as well as established ones to get the best for the price they pay.

At we believe that our clients need ample time before they figure out how our affordable web designers service packages can really help them. This is the reason why we keep our prices to the base helping our customers decide from a wide range of services. We have other amazing products too. A quick look at our home page will help you get a hang of the kind of offerings we have.

You are free to consult us with any questions you have. As part of the affordable web design services offer we have also come with the top five cheap web design options narrowing down your search to further saving time and effort from your part. If you are keen on doing business with us, you can start off by choosing from any of these options.

SEO Will Turn Social In 2012

Search engine optimization is one business that is really challenging and needs proper consideration. Over the past few years it has been really a challenging business with many people wondering what is going to happen next. However, if carried out with a lot of diligence it is going to turn out as a very lucrative one. This article is going to cover an overview of what is expected in this kind of field.

SEO Will Turn Social In 2012The new thing in the market is the introduction of the human beings in the rankings. The kind of ranking a page gets is going to depend a lot on the human aspect rather than being machine automated. Just like any other piece of technology it is going to have its pros and cons. major search engines have already started using this option.

In the past most search engines have been known to use the quantity of the pages as the measure of the quality. However, with the changing times, search engines are starting to focus more on the quality and freshness of the content. For this reason to make sure that you increase the rankings of your website you need to improve on the quality and freshness of the content.

The search engine optimization is going to transform in the resent times and is going to become more of social media optimizers. The transformation is going to base more not only on the on-page factors of search engine optimization but also you have to concentrate on the offsite marketing .This concentrates more on the integration aspect.

The business is going to be more result oriented. For those who optimize for traffic change they are going to have it rough. They are only going to get payment for the amount of traffic they are able to direct to the site. If this doesn’t happen then there will not be any kind of payment.

The past years have seen most of the websites straggling with confusion due to minor changes by the major search engines. However, this is going to even get worse with the introductions of social media. Most of the giant search engines will have keys to most of the social networking sites. For this reason careful planning and understanding how everything is going to work is very essential.

The technological world is growing at an alarming rate. Newer and better applications are coming up and they are going to impart positively in this business making it much easier. With applications like Siri on smart phones you can be sure that searching can now be done using voice. For this reason it is imperative that whenever someone is thinking of remaining in this kind of business they have to keep up to date with the latest in the technological world.
Mobile search market is definitely one thing that is going to gain popularity in a big way. Whether is by people calling, using social media or even tapping a search in to your phone, it is going to be active. It is imperative that you equip yourself with this vital knowledge before having problems in this sector.

Social networks are increasingly gaining popularity. Do not be surprised to notice more website owners being worried by the fact that they are not on social networks. This are going to be the best places where more people will be conducting searches. This simply means that searches are going to be personalized. Starting to move in this direction is going to put you ahead of the game.

Not only are they going to be changes in search engine optimization alone but also there are going to be other changes. This will include changes in social media, blogging among other things. You need to equip yourself with the best knowledge in the market if you are going to make a difference. If you are keen to remain in the market, there are several things that you need to do. One very important is to make sure that you keep up with the ever emerging technologies in the market. This makes sure that you remain competitive.


Author Mark Williams has been in the web design Melbourne, Australia industry for over ten years and loves to share his ideas. As a freelance writer, he is able to bring a fresh perspective on many topics like this one.

Logo Makers: Make A Lasting Impression

Logo Makers: Make A Lasting Impression

Logo Makers can make a world of difference to your company’s website, and its profile both online and offline. It is now well-known that users tend to associate different brands with their logos and they are the first things they often see when they visit a website. Thus your logo not only has to be eye-catching but it should hit the spot with your target users. That’s where Logo Makers come in and bring their vast experience to the table. At Make Us A Website we understand that your logo speaks volumes about your company, which is why we create logos that will send the message across to your users loud and clear.

Logo Makers: Where it all begins

Logo Makers: Make A Lasting Impression

Creating your logo should be at the heart of your branding campaign but it often tends to be put on a back-burner. However we will ensure that your logo gets its due importance and our Logo Makers will do everything they can to bring it back into the forefront. Right at the onset you will be given a question sheet by us and it will give us an opportunity to understand what your company is all about, the users you are trying to target and important things like color schemes for your logo etc. We realize that every business is different and has its own specific needs, which is why we take the effort to understand what you are looking for and cater to you accordingly.

Logo Makers: Be a part of the process

We might be the Logo Makers but we also understand that it’s your company’s logo at the end of the day and it’s your reaction to it that matters. Hence you will be kept in the loop during the designing process so that you can make valuable inputs at any time along the way. We are happy to make as many changes to the design as you want because your satisfaction with the final result is valuable to us. Through unlimited revisions we will ensure that you get the design that you are 100% happy with.

Logo Makers: Delivering on every count.

At Make Us A Website we value your time as much as ours, which is why we always stick to our deadlines and offer you quick turnaround times of about 7 days. We also realize that your logo will not only be seen on your website but you might need to use it offline for letterheads, merchandise and other promotional material. Hence our Logo Makers will offer you the final logo in JPG, PSD and PNG formats for your convenience.

Our services are reasonably priced and we can create a logo for you for as little as £69. If you are looking for a brilliant, personalized service that’s great value for your money, you won’t have to look beyond us.

As Logo Makers we strive to create a logo that will make a mark on your behalf and thus make your experience of working with us a fulfilling one.


Cheap Web Design: A Cost Effective Option

Cheap Web Design is entirely plausible and in fact, many small business owners have benefited from it tremendously. It gives hope to other small scale companies and individual entrepreneurs who are looking to make their presence felt in the online world. This is where a large number of new users are waiting to be tapped and Cheap Web Design creates the perfect medium to interact with them. Business owners can sell practically any and every product online and there are takers for a wide range of services as well. A functional website is what one needs to open new doors for business possibilities.

While there are new tools that let people create their own websites, experts are unanimous about the fact that it’s a task best left to professionals. With their vast experience in web designing, professionals are able to create an effective website that will tick all the right boxes for users, which is the primary aim of every business owner. Moreover since now Cheap Web Design is a completely possible option; the decision of hiring professionals for the task becomes a fairly straightforward one.

Cheap Web Design: How does it benefit businesses!

Cheap Web Design: A Cost Effective Option

Today many small companies had had to cut costs to keep their business running. It’s difficult to dig deep into the reserves and fund advertising campaigns that can showcase their products. However having a website can do the job as effectively if not more because it takes products, services and a brand name to millions of users all over the world. Moreover having a functional website says a lot about the company and it wins credibility amongst users. There are many possibilities to generate sales online too, which boosts profits for a company.

Cheap Web Design can be hugely effective.

It’s a myth that good web designers charge a fortune. In fact some of the best professional companies around offer their services at affordable rates. Importantly, their emphasis remains on customer satisfaction, which is of great benefit to business owners as their job is done to perfection. These professionals take the effort to understand the inside outs of different companies, right at the onset so that they can cater to these businesses accordingly. Thus business owners get tailor made website design options that fit their business to the T. Thus Cheap Web Design becomes an extremely effective solution for them.

Cheap Web Design companies also offer value added services.

Professional companies offer business owners different packages that suit their needs and are right for their budgets as well. But besides creating a functional and efficient website for different businesses, these professionals also offer other brilliant services like search engine optimization, logo design, online invoicing and PayPal integration to name a few. These services add great value to a website and are extremely handy for various purposes. Business owners can make the most of these amazing package deals and boost their business.

Cheap Web Design is not only a budget friendly but also a valuable option for business owners today.


Affordable SEO service for greater visibility of your website

The scope of internet has grown beyond bounds and leaps today, as most consumers search the essential information regarding products and services thoroughly on the internet before they finally proceed for the purchase of the suitable service or product. Internet is now proven to be an important shaping factor for one’s buying behavior, and hence it is imperative that online business owners include promotion strategies and website content in accordance with this new development.

Most business owners are painfully aware of the cutthroat competition that prevails on the internet, and it is necessary to inculcate only those promotion and marketing strategies which reach out to the information savvy end customers. At the same time, careful utilization of resources is very essential, which makes one prone to using only those promotion methods which provide measurable results, instead of usage of those marketing campaigns which have intangible results like website ad banners, search engine advertisements etc.

Affordable SEO service – What is SEO?

Affordable SEO service for greater visibility of your website

SEO is the short form for Search Engine Optimization, which is one of the most effective website promotion strategies used till date. It is a known fact that most consumers and viewers do not go further than the first few pages of the Search Engine Result Pages of one of the major search engines while searching for information on a particular product. In SEO, the content and pages on the website of an online business are optimized in accordance with the ranking criteria for major search engines, so as to enable the optimized website to appear on the first page of the SERPs. Keywords relevant to the line of business and product specialization are chosen and optimized, thus enabling the website to show on the first page of SERPs whenever a target customer enters the relevant keywords into the search tab.

Affordable SEO service – How can it help?

Affordable SEO service is one promotion method that can never go wrong, when it comes to marketing products and services of online businesses. Affordable SEO services hold the potential of helping a brand transcend the obstructive barriers in the shortest time span possible, thus enabling it to emerge as a household name from being just an obscure identity. SEO serves to enhance the visibility of a website dramatically, thus improving the web traffic build-up directed towards it via the search engine ranking. Higher number of potential visitors would mean greater brand awareness and higher sales conversion for the online business, leading towards effective and consistent lead generation and higher profit margins.

Affordable SEO service – Implementation of SEO

SEO rules can prove to be complicated for an online business trying to implement it on its own, and hence relying on the services of an expert affordable SEO service provider is important. SEO implementation consists of series of steps taken for improvising upon the existing website structure in order to make it more SEO friendly, and content management with the help of inbound and outbound backlinks in order to improve the page ranking.

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